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From its inception, Rocketship has been a team of doers and creators- directing narrative content for Accenture, creating tv spots for the IRC, or leading the charge post-producing a 16-week online education class for the University of Oklahoma and History Channel- we offer the tools to be that one-stop shop to cover all your creative needs from live coverage, scripted storytelling, documentary, animated explainer videos and everything in between.

Selected projects

Script Story Development

Script and story development.

It started as an idea, a list of thoughts and one-liners, or even a check list of every detail you want to cover. We partner with clients to develop scripts from every level and form, and storycraft it till we’re dizzy, until you have something that meets every expectation.

We work with clients to provide feedback on their existing scripts, full-development of an idea, and the styles that best fit the type of content being created.

Planning Pre-Production

Planning and pre-production.

It all starts at the base level- putting all the pieces together, orgainizing crew and talent, and scheduling every detail of the project from production to post- so a projects gets done on time and on budget.

We handle all the technical aspects of a project, so you don’t have to, and take it from idea to fruition.

Live-action production

Live-action production.

From marketing videos to mini-documentaries to brand films, our production capabilities cover a vast amount of styles and capabilities. We carry 4k camera equipment, cine lenses, a narrative production package, and small interview setup.

We’re just at home on white cyc and green screen studios as we are on-location or out in the field. We provide production solutions, including creative and concepting, producing, direction, cinematography, editing, sound design and color correction.

Motion graphics and animation

Motion graphics and animation.

Whether creating a complete standalone animated project or complimentary graphics and VFX for an edit, a small team of animators and designers participates in all phases of content generation from initial project briefs, concept development, script writing, storyboarding and execution of the final product.

Our post-production capabilities include flat design, 2D and 3D, animated explainer and product demos, broadcast branded packages, and sizzle reels.

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