SiteTracker Launch Campaign

Client: SiteTracker

SiteTracker empowers project managers to effectively manage increasingly numerous and complex capital projects. It is the world’s first complete full-lifecycle project management platform, enabling innovators to plan effectively, deploy efficiently, and grow both the use and valuation of their portfolios. When we first partnered SiteTracker was a small team of four in need of a makeover and a fresh start: a complete rebrand for an outdated website and a short animated explainer video to quickly showcase their offering.

The Challenge.

Working with such a large scope project we were given ample time to turn around a finished project. But the challenge was working within a smaller budget to make it all happen– website design and build, copy writing, and a explainer video. Being a small company ourselves, we had all-hands involved and a couple freelance vendors helping out the process to deliver a product the client enjoyed and work that we were proud of as well.

Our Process.

We set out researching similar types of companies to SiteTracker and gathered a visual model for what others in their industry offered and a breakdown of their target audience. At the same time we were sifting through decks upon decks of sales pitches they used on an everyday basis in meetings. These decks became the basis for the web copy and headlines we then wordsmithed till we were blue. The site went through various iterations of wireframes, mockups and prototypes before the live build. We moved from a build site to live even while still making small adjustments to the final product. We developed a modern look that fit their existing users while still effective for potential clients. And incorporated original and sourced art into a clean design and copy messaging. We even created brand guidelines so any future vendors stay on brand and message.

In parallel, we crafted a short explainer video to showcase their offering using a flat design approach. The main message: SiteTracker elevates the efficiency of your team while keeping them fully involved in all parts of the overall project.


Branding.  Research.  Copywriting.  Art Direction.  Web Design.  UI.  UX.  Script Writing.  Animation.  Music and Sound Design.