Sapphire Now

ASUG Annual Conference

SAP Sapphire Now | Live Studio

Client: SAP

Every year, thousands of marketing and technology professionals attend the SAP Sapphire Now and ASUG Annual Conference. The goal is to bring together the elements of the intelligent enterprise by showcasing end-to-end solutions that meet business challenges– economy, society, and the environment that affect every company- and empower attendees to leave with solutions.

SAP wanted to work in something a bit different this year: create a live broadcast with its own branded open, cutaways and interstitials. Rocketship was tasked with creating the look and feel of  the new broadcast– Studio Live. Designs needed to be on-brand and fit with the existing creative developed for the conference.

Our Process.

We developed a few different looks- some stretching their own branding to meet their visual description for what they wanted, and others that were toned down. In the end we created an abstract design that worked seamlessly with existing creative. SAP even incorporated the background design into other areas of the event for a full integration.


Art Direction.  Motion Graphics & Animation.  Sound Design.

Show Open Animation

Show Bumper In

Show Bumper Out

Show Closing Animation