SAP Grows Their Media Presence with a Weekly Newscast

SAP delivers tech news, insights and updates.

As part of growing their media catalogue, SAP developed a weekly web-series and newscast. SAP’s The Spin brings news and highlights related to SAP business, and even competitors, for internal and external media growth.

Soon after its inception, The Spin became SAP’s go to source for event coverage and a paid service for partners to showcase their own work to potential customers.


The Spin Newcast

Client: SAP


Rocketship provided Production and post services in creating the show. With a new brand design to differentiate the look and feel from other media franchises, the show took on a life of its own. Various animated cut scenes and motion graphic elements were created to give each episode energy and style.

Each segments production timeline lasted only 1 day from shoot day to delivered episode.


Production.  Direction.  Director of Photography.  Art Direction.  Motion Graphics.  Animation.  Editing

Branding Designs


Various Full Episodes