Tea for Two

Client: SAP

SAP Tea for Two is an executive interview web series created for SAP internal communication and marketing outreach. A series of conversations between SAP Senior Correspondent Paul Taylor and different technology and business leaders at SAP. Rocketship provides full production and post services for each episode.

Our Process.

These episodes are typically filmed in a working office. We need to have a relatively small footprint to not distract from the everyday office happenings, but still create enough space for the lighting setup, cover our camera angles and record clean audio throughout. The challenge is typically- find a space for a two-camera setup with crew that includes a director of photography/producer, a second camera operator, location sound recordist, and a production assistant. Quickly plan and setup lighting in an uncontrolled environment that we may have only seen for the first time just before arriving at location. Production is problem solving. We take the challenges presented and just make it work.

SAP Tea for Two with Rae Kyriazis

In this particular episode we filmed with Rae Kyriazis about SAP’s changing corporate culture. We had the opportunity to film in SAP’s new Leonardo space that had just been renovated. With a large space, little traffic, and it’s very own coffee bar, this floor for innovation left us with a perfect location to get deep depth of field and plenty of camera movement. It also allowed us to use some 3D visual effects to highlight key talking points.


Production.  Cinematography.  Post-production.  Editing.  Motion Graphics.