Testimonial: Elephants, Rhinos and People

Client: SAP

Elephants, Rhinos and People (ERP) is an organization that helps preserve and protect Southern Africa’s wild elephants and rhinos through a strategy based on rural poverty alleviation. Rocketship was tasked with crafting an impactful story to showcase the SAP technology used on an everyday basis by ERP. Created as part of SAP’s client spotlight series that promotes the use of SAP technology within organizations.

Elephants, Rhinos and People: Saving Wildlife through Helping People

This mini-documentary was used as a key video, played live, at an SAP event for more than 1000+ attendees. SAP has since used this video to kick-start a new rebranding effort for client testimonial and spotlight videos. Though longer than their preferred 2-minute max requirement, the content of the piece, the flow of the story and narrative, and drive of the music score worked to tell the story of how ERP is making an impact.

Our Process.

Filmed at the SAP office during normal business hours, we setup a small black backdrop for a two camera setup during production. Then in post went about an edit with a documentary feel, utilizing footage from ERP and licensed footage where needed. Adding visual effects over footage to highlight some of the technology involved in tracking and protecting these endangered species, we aimed to merge digital art into the natural foliage. Rather than only adding the VFX as an overlay to the footage, it feels a part of the natural scene- moving from under trees for natural depth. The music for the original score was carefully selected and licensed, then meticulously crafted with additional sound design. It plays to the emotion of the story, creating arcs and drive throughout.

For more on the ERP mission, wildlife saving stats, and SAP’s involvement, visit SAP’s news blog here.
And to get involved with ERP, visit ERP.NGO to learn more about their efforts and how you can help.


Production.  Cinematography.  Post-production.  Editing.  Motion Graphics.  Music and Sound Design.