SAP Concur Fusion Exchange Teaser

Client: SAP

SAP Concur is an innovation engine. This is the key message that drives this animation– To demonstrate that SAP Concur has delivered a significant amount of innovation this past year, taking cutting edge concepts like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the Intelligent Enterprise and more to create solutions to help other businesses leverage these innovative products.

This animation was created quickly for the SAP Fusion Conference is a kickoff to the key-note speakers.

Our Process.

We worked closely with the SAP team to craft a direction of the piece, first by creating an actual ‘Innovation Engine’ that we then scrapped to concentrate on a more abstract approach- an engine that pulls in various technological feats like IoT and chatbots, to create products organizations need to succeed. The animation moves from a pseudo solar system, with objects circling the engine, then bursting out to showcase some of the SAP Concur products. The products themselves each have a similar look to make swapping them in and out seamlessly for future use of the video within different markets.

We used various pictograms SAP provided while creating others that fit the overall look and feel. Each pictogram then has it’s own animation transition with the use of solid and dotted lines to connect and move us along.


Direction.  Art Direction.  Illustration.  Animation.