Ricoh PodCast Art Design

Client: Ricoh

Ricoh PodCast art design and production is original art used as part of Ricoh’s brand initiative as a thought leader. Ricoh transforms the way people work and communicate. Through software solutions that power printing technologies to a broad portfolio of services and technologies that empower a digital workplace, Ricoh has positioned themselves as a leader in workplace productivity. 

Originally created as part of – a content hub to establish Ricoh as a thought leader in the IT services space providing customers with helpful articles and resources relevant to their unique business needs- this art and production design quickly transitioned to a more direct on brand representations of Ricoh’s main industry verticals.

Our Process.

As part of this initiative, Rocketship was tasked with creating original art that worked within the Ricoh Work Intelligently branding and that would draw attention to their new podcast series. Not only was the art effective in increasing awareness of Ricoh’s new key messaging, but the main podcast design became globally used for Ricoh’s standard offering with only minor tweaks to eliminate the WI branding.

Six cover art designs were created to differentiate each vertical- Production, Legal, Higher Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, and Small and Mid-sized Business. Each with the same design and layout but a standalone color pallet. A banner design was also created for embedding within Ricoh website pages.


Art Direction.  Branding.  Graphic Design.  Podcast Production.