Into the Badlands

Client: AMC

AMC’s Into the Badlands is loosely based on Journey to the West. The series features a story about a warrior and a young boy who journey through a dangerous feudal land together seeking enlightenment.

The Fight Moments concept was developed as part of AMCs social media outreach.

Our Process.

For the first season of Into the Badlands, Rocketship post-produced social media content highlighting specific fight moments from each episode. From fighting styles and fight motivation, to types of weaponry used, the goal was to entice the AMC audience with a new show quickly with fast paced action and energy across across social channels- facebook, instagram and twitter.

Highlighting one fight moment from each episode, segment length was only 20 seconds, and included show footage and short sound bites from leading actor, Daniel Wu, and fight director, Stephen Fung.

In total, Rocketship created six individual social media teasers.


Post Producing.  Editing.  Preditor.  Music and Sound Design.